Before we can start working on your project, please provide us with this sort of information:

First and foremost
  • What is the visual goal?
  • Which mood is it supposed to produce?
  • Do you have certain colors in mind?
  • Does your artwork need turtles and balloons?
  • Feed us and we will more likely produce what you are looking for!
  • Is there a certain picture that inspired you? Let us have a look!
Lots of letters
  • If you wish to include lyrics (and/or credits, liner notes, thanks etc.) in your booklet, please have them ready for us before we start working. Provide them in .doc-format and have them properly formatted in advance including all breaks, capital letters, punctuation, blank spaces and all. Fixing stuff like that afterwards is pretty time-consuming and nerve-wrecking.
  • If you wish to include a photo of your band, your logo and related material, please provide them in proper quality and we gladly will incorporate them in the final design. 
  • Pick a printing plant beforehand and let us know how they like their PDFs to be in order to print them! Specs usually contain info like precise format, color profile, PDF-standards and a lot more. Most printing factories provide those informations on their websites.
  • We gladly help you looking for a printing plant.